Adhari Park

Adhari the legend of Kingdom of Bahrain

Adhari was one of the most famous springs in Kingdom of Bahrain some 800 years back with the momentum of its waters flowing to villages located away from the village of Adhari. It was later transformed into a theme park and re-inaugurated in April 2008 covering an area of 165,000m.

Adhari was not only famous in Kingdom of Bahrain but all across the Gulf and the Arab world, the numerous springs around Kingdom of Bahrain gave it its unique character which allowed people to use this spring water for various purposes be it the sweltering summer to quenching ones thirst or irrigation.

Over the years many travelers, historians and story tellers spoke about the legend of Adhari thus making it an even more popular landmark Bahraini heritage is full of stories sources which are still unknown mentions one story over and over again, about the legend of Adhari. The story which unfolds around a beautiful girl visiting the island of Kingdom of Bahrain is intercepted by a man, fearing for her life she asks God for His help and a bright light from the heavens above hits the ground with such force leaving a hole which begins to fill water.

It was considered as one of the largest and deepest sweet water springs on the island located 2 miles from the city of Manama and became a landmark tourist attraction for all visitors and local residents of the island making it a great relaxation spot.

In 1920 the spring started getting dirty due to negligence and the spreading of muddy streams and farmers washing their animals, notable action was taken upon this and the pool was fixed in order to supply better water to the surrounding gardens along with a cement berth along the edge of the water for swimmers to stand upon and re-built the mosque overlooking the spring.

A café was also later on opened along with trees, flowers and a shrub garden on the sides with the back covered with a huge remarkable palm forest standing grey and tall among other trees with the sun shining through, swimmers who have tried to access the source of the water say that it rushes out from the source with such power that it is impossible to access. Large fish like river carpe would slowly swim by and no one would bother them or try to catch them as Kingdom of Bahrain is prefer salt water fish compared to the sweet water fish, Adhari represented the meaning of social, cultural and environmental harmony on the island supplying Kingdom of Bahrain remote areas and gardens with fresh spring water giving life to beautiful palms and dense trees providing shelter to different types of migratory birds, frogs and the Caspian turtle.